Tomica on the way!!!

So I’ve gotten more beat up Tomica on the way. Most are ones I don’t have and some of them are kinda rough… So I want to rebuild them.

Batch 1

I definitely want to take the time to redo these! The Ipsum and RB Odyssey look rougher than the rest. Fortunately, I have these 2 already, so I don’t mind taking them apart to redo.

Batch 2

Batch 2 consists of these vehicles:

Savanna RX7, Subaru 360, Toyota Alphard, Suzuki Alto, Hino Truck and Tom Hayate

Batch 3

While I can’t identify all these cars since the pictures are limited, I decided to get this batch because of the Blue Lexus, Toyota Majesta, the Police Estima
Author: f31roger

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