More Tomica buys!!!

I couldn’t help myself… lol. I get in these moods where I want something and I’d like to have it or I see something and look into it more.

But the worst feeling is… when you are set on getting something and you don’t. I had a bid on an Primera and Celsior set. Paid… then the seller cancelled it. Asshole!!

Pissed. I also got outbid by not to much.. that is also a horrible feeling!

But let’s look at the ones I recently bought and won.

A few posts back, I found out there I don’t have all the Nissan Serena and Honda Stepwgn models. So I started to look for them.

I found the Stepwgn for buyout price of $5 (+ fees).

I also bought this WRX for $3

and older Delica D5 for $5

I do hate getting individual ones because shipping and service fees add up! But beggars can’t be choosers. When possible, I try to buy a ‘lot” (mean group) of used cars. Typically I like to get one with cars I don’t have or don’t mind having doubles of.

This lot cost me $22. While I do have the vans, I don’t mind having doubles of those. The smaller cars like Midget II and Wills and BB are cool to get. But the main thing for me… the Stagea and Element!

Another lot I got for $30. While a bit more expensive, there are 4 Pajeros (and different) and 2 Hilux Surfs! So this group has stuff I don’t have. I do have a Rav4, but I don’t mind doubles of those either.

This lot cost me $10. They are all in good condition.. but that Evo is my goal. The rest is cherry on top!

Here is a $15 lot. While the Goft, R8 and Corvette are nice, I was really aiming for the other cars. The light blue vehicle in the far left is a Mitsubishi Triton. Next to it I believe is a Nissan X trail. In the middle row, I see a bronze wagon and one car over (on the right side) is a green wagon. I can’t identify those… but they also enticed me.

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