I won!!!! Super cool vintage Tomica!!!

While most people want perfect and great condition… for me, the older stuff can be beat up or played with condition.

I prefer it actually because it will force me to refresh them. Especially older ones! I am very bias to Japanese cars and to see cars that I don’t have or even come across at the stores in Japan… this was the only way!!!!

My previous package from Japan had a Subaru 360. Subaru R2 and Accord CVCC. Soarer 2800GT, Corolla 30 Levin, Crown and Sunny coupe!!!

This next batch had some cool cars that I really thought were nice. Honda City Turbo (not II), FairladyZ 432, Mitsubishi Lancer (with melted wheel) Skyline 2000 GTE-S, and Celica 2800 XX

Often times, I see a car that I want and start looking into it. If I can find it in a batch or lot, even perfect! The examples are above. I’ve been wanting to get a Celica XX and Soarer… but getting them with other cars that I also really want, it is just a perfect opportunity.

Another example is this Civic Type R Euro. I didn’t even know it existed. But my friend bought it with a Honda Stepwgn and the same price as it would by itself.

The last car I got recently is this Nissan Serena. I believe it is the 1st generation and didn’t know it existed either lol. But to complete my van collection, I needed to have it!

2007 Nissan Serena

Here is a Toyota Crown and Nissan Laurel… it rough condition. But for $4 I don’t mind!

Last batch of cars I won. Nothing here really catches me, but it was cheap, so I will probably sell these or atleast half of them.

What Noguchi-san has already

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